A few words from Pastor Greg – August 2021

Big Church…Small Church

Family and Friends,

            We continue to be honored to serve our Lord and this church body together.  As we move forward with the Gospel, we believe it is very important for each person in this church to have two worship experiences: the large gathering for corporate worship on Sunday morning and a small group experience.  That small group could be a Sunday school class, or a service team where prayer and God’s Holy Word are a part.  It could also be a small life group, youth group, prayer group, etc. 

            Many of the best experiences of being in God’s family are communicated through the smaller context.  There are conversations that just never seem to happen on Sunday morning, and there are things in life that aren’t appropriate to talk about in front of the whole church.  Jesus had twelve Apostles and he had an even smaller, inner circle of three.  The Early church followed this model and we can see it in Acts chapter 2.  I encourage you to check out Acts 2:42-47 this month and think about it.  Do you have a big church and a small church experience?  As always…let me know what you think.

In His Service,

Pastor Greg